About Us

About Us

Empowerment Plus is a Nationwide non-profit organisation with registered charitable status that works with young people and families who are at risk within their home or community. As an organisation, Empowerment Plus is committed tto supporting young people, and families by protecting a wraparound, needs based support.

Board of Directors

Empowerment Plus is guided by a board of directors, each director brings their own professional background into play to support the organisation in protecting young people and families at risk. The professional backgrounds of our board include education, social work, childcare services, human resources and legal.  As Directors of Empowerment Plus, members of the board are committed to stand behind and direct the services of the Empowerment Plus Model. All our Directors have a genuine interest and compassion in empowering young people and families at risk.

Currently we have six Case Managers overseeing our support services. They are each deeply compassionate and committed to empowering young people and families at risk. They are all highly trained and educated in the field of family support and child protection. They all bring their extensive training and education into play during the daily management of their cases.
Combined our Case Managers have the qualifications listed.

The Empowerment Plus Model has been designed based on thirty years experience of working with young people and families at risk. We are committed to supporting young people and families who find themselves in high risk situations, and we believe that given the right help, the family is the natural environment for the care and upbringing of children. Parents play a vital role in providing a safe and secure environment in which children’s physical, social, emotional and educational development is nurtured.

Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Nationwide

  • Outreach Support
  • Respite provision
  • Access supervision & support
  • Emergency placement breakdown support
  • Aftercare support programme: Moving On Up
  • The PLUS Programme
  • Family Support including supporting foster placements
  • Transport

Benefits of using Empowerment Plus’s services:

  • A 24/7 on call service is available to young people, families, and professionals
  • Service is nationwide
  • Quick response time in setting up cases and supporting emergency needs
  • No waiting list
  • Individual support is strength based and focuses on the needs of the young person.
  • Eplus work with all age groups, from birth to young care leavers and parents


Tom Clogher the CEO of Empowerment Plus designed the Logo, Tom placed the words Youth, Family and Community in the “circle of support” as he believes that one cannot be empowered without support from the others.

In 2020 a young person from the Aftercare team based in Limerick produced a fantastic work of art to depict what Empowerment Plus meant to her and we were inspired to incorporate this gorgeous work into our logo. 

Our Mission

Here at Empowerment Plus our focus is on “Empowering people to effectively respond to their own issues, to help instil a confidence and ability to design their own future.”

The “Plus” stands for People Learning Universal Skills. When young people and families no longer need our care and support, we try to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to live happy and to their full potential.

Our Vision

“The vision within Empowerment Plus is an Ireland, where all children, young people and families have the means to reach their full potential and have the opportunity to live happy, healthy and secure lives”

All children and young people should experience a happy fulfilled childhood and develop to their potential.

Services Provided Under The Following:

  • Children First: The National guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children (Department of Health and Children)
  • Duty to Care: The principles of good practice for the protection of children and young people (Department of Health and Children)
  • Empowerment Plus Child Protection Policies and Procedures
Our Services are currently available Nationwide.