Letter From Tom Clogher

Empowerment Plus

Letter From Tom Clogher

Dear Reader,

I founded Empowerment Plus, a youth, family and community support service in 2008. I am proud to say that the service has thrived over the last four years. The need for youth and family support is now greater than ever. Even though setting up a charitable organisation in a recession was going against all financial advice, this endeavour is not about finance, it is about Empowerment: empowering young people, empowering families, empowering communities, it was and is Empowerment Plus. Even at the height of the Celtic tiger, young people andTomClogher_content families were at risk within their homes and community and now in the current economic climate these risks have grown and are more widespread. Empowerment Plus is a service that has the flexibility to address the ever-changing needs of people on a 24/7 basis, empowering people to effectively respond to their own issues and to help instil a confidence and ability to design their own future.

With over thirty years experience of working with young people and families at risk, I feel that merely advocating on their behalf can sometimes encourage dependency, diminish their self-respect, dignity and long term ability to recognise their issues and to speak and act for themselves.

As founder of the Empowerment Plus Model my vision is one that empowers people to change their own lives and ensures that they have the lasting capacity to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Empowerment Plus workers are the backbone of our service. They are professional, flexible, open minded and always have the service users best interest in mind while delivering the Empowerment Plus model.

My vision for the future of Empowerment Plus is to continue to deliver a quality service against the backdrop of this recession and ensure that we continue empowering people to make positive lasting changes to their lives.

Many thanks,

Tom Clogher